Wednesday, September 1, 2010

February 20, 1987

Hi. Today was a GREAT day. I went to a surprise party for Tammy. It was so fun.

Today in school I didn't have my science done, and it just so happened that we were taking these easy tests so we skipped third period which is science, so I got it done in study hall.

Tomorrow is the basketball tournament. I can't wait! Rochelle is coming.

At Tammy's party we played poor pussy. That's where one person gets in the middle of a circle of people. The one who is in it goes to one person, and goes to them on their hands and knees and meows. The person has to say "poor pussy" and pat them on the head without laughing. If they do, they have to be the poor pussy.

I'll see you tomorrow.

Your GIGGLY self,

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