Friday, September 3, 2010

February 26, 1987

Hi. Today Rochelle and I went to mutual for a service project. Linda said we have to wash all of the silver in the kitchen or wash all of the toys in the nursery. Then she said the real reason we are here is to have a victory party! It was fun.

Wednesday I woke up in the morning. I didn't want to go to school because first period I had a big paper due that wasn't finished, second period I had a chapter review due, and it wasn't done. In third period I was supposed bring all this junk for lab, and I didn't have anything to put it in so I was going to get an F. In fourth period I had a BIG math assignment to do. In fifth period I had singing tests. In sixth period I had to turn in my math, and seventh and eighths were ok.

Ok, it turned out that I got my assignment done for first period. In second I found out it wasn't due until Friday. In third, my lab partner brought most of it. We borrowed people's extras, and got it done. In fourth, I just barely got it done. In fifth I got an A on my singing test. In sixth I got my math turned in ok.

Now for the BAD news. Some of the boys at our school, mainly Johnny Pike, Mindy's heart throb, and some other boys got caught with drugs. Mindy was so depressed about Johnny.

I have to go to bed now.


P.S. I just fixed the pictures on my dresser. Oh boy!

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