Friday, August 13, 2010

February 16, 1987

Hi. Today is a pretty good day.

Mary and I went to the mall. It was a blast! We looked at prom dresses and clothes. We at at Wendy's.

One time Mary, me and my mom were in the car. Mary was drinking a Sprite, and I made her laugh. She was laughing so hard, she started choking and burping. So she was choking, laughing and burping at the same time. My mom was freaking out, and I was laughing so hard I almost peed my pants. Well, Mary did that again today at the mall, and I did it again, too. I almost died laughing. You'd have to be there. Of course, if this is me reading this, I guess I was there, but if it's not, you weren't.

Well, I have to go back to school tomorrow and to bed now.

Good night from your weird self,

February 15, 1987

Today was a pretty good , but average day. We might move to Houston, Texas. We'll find out on Wednesday whether we will move or not. I hope not.

Now about my family. My mom is oldest 35, then my dad 35, then me, then Michael 12, Walt 10 and Justin 4. My best friend Mary Fuller's family has 8 kids--one of them is due in June.

Tomorrow we get another day off. I'm tired. I was supposed to be in bed 20 minutes ago. Bye.


February 14, 1987

Last night Kate and I stayed up until 2:02AM. We had a BLAST! We made up this stupid dance, but it was still fun.

Yesterday we took a walk to Pioneer Park. It's getting warm out. Today is Valentines day.

We are taping Star Wars. Wow, huh? See you tomorrow

Happy Valentines Day! 

Your self,
Steph Day

February 13, 1987

Kate Frond is spending the night. It is fun. Right now it's 1:17AM.

Dad just got home from Colorado on business.

Today I watched movies all day. Thrilling, huh.

Well. I have to go.

your self,

February 12, 1987

Hi. I had to wait to write in this journal to finish my other one.

In school we get a mid-winter break so we get tomorrow Friday the 13th and Monday the 16th off. Yea!

Tomorrow Kate Frond is going to spend the night. Will Vincent is spending the night with Michael. Today I got 3 new pictures of Corey Hart and two of Tom Cruise.

I like about one or two million guys, but they are all too old for me, but I don't care. I still like them.

Today I had home-ec club. I'm so tired. This is my third journal. My first one isn't even almost finished, my second one I finished yesterday, and my third one is soon to be finished. I LOVE to write and put pictures and things in my journal.

See you tomorrow.

Your self,
Steph Day

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

February 11, 1987

Hi. It's only about 6:42 AM. I have to leave for school in about 20 minutes. I decided I'd write now so that tonight I can finish my journal. I'll write later. Bye.

Hie. I'm back. It's 8:54 PM. School was okay. My first period teacher is so scatterbrained. Her name is Mrs. Carter. She always forgets what she's saying in the middle of a sentence.

My second period teacher Mr. Parker doesn't talk much. He just shows us film strips and we work in workbooks EVERYDAY.

Third period I have Mrs. Hamil. She is sweet. Forth period I have Mr. Riley. He looks exactly like a leprechaun and he always wears green. We call him Mr. O' Riley, but he doesn't know.

Fifth period I have the dreaded Mrs. Ray. She is always getting everyone in trouble. Sixth period I have Mr . Davis. He is nice and smart. We hardly ever talk about Math (I have him for math). Seventh period I have Mrs. Holt. She is really nice. And last but not least, I have Mr. West for art. I hardly know him. He's hardly ever at school.

I've had this journal for about 6 months and 26 days and about 3 hours.

Last goodbye, from this journal at least,

Stephanie Day

February 10, 1987

Hi. I got a new journal. It has a maroon back with tiny flowers, and on the front there is a strip of that maroon, and there rest is blue with teddy bears. It's cute.

See you later.

Your best friend
your secret admirer

Stephanie Anne Day

February 8, 1987

Hi. Rochelle came to church today. She loved it.

Today on the way home from Mamaw's house, Walt threw up. I turned the music on my walkman up so loud, so I wouldn't hear it.

February 7, 1987

Hi again. My mom didn't get me a new journal because they didn't have any. Oh well.

Today Justin and I went to McDonald's down town. It was fun.

I've been SO bored lately.

I LOVE this song! Oh I can't help falling in love with you. Guess who sings that version. That's right Corey Hart. The only problem with him is that he NEVER smiles (small problem). I love Corey Hart.

February 6, 1987

I got my wagon finished.

I didn't write because I forgot because I was up until 11:30 babysitting my brothers.

Guess what. Yesterday when I walked into Mr. Parker's room, I didn't know who the sub would be. I was the first one there. The sub looked up. It was Bro. Fuller--Mary's dad! He was good and he subbed for Mr. Parker again today, too.

It's finally Friday of my perfect weekend. To top it off, Monday I can be glad to go back to school because Melinda had pictures of Corey Hart for me.

We went to the Cub Scout banquet today. We had spaghetti and garlic bread. My breath smells awful.

My journal is almost full, so I'm getting a new one soon, maybe tomorrow.

In Art, I finished my dot art picture. I hope I get a good grade on it.

Well, I have to go, so see you tomorrow.


February 3, 1987

Hi again. I'm almost done with my wagon. I have one more wheel to do, then put them on and I'm done.

Rochelle came to mutual tonight. It was fun. We made Valentine tarts. They were good.

It's just perfect. I get my allowance on Friday and I don't have to do anything over the weekend.

It's been so boring. There's nothing to write in here. Nothing's new in school. Just the same old thing, except we now have an A and a B lunch, but that's big news, huh.

Gym is fun. We are playing volley ball. I'm awful at it, but I'm probably the only one who has fun.

This is a stupid song. I'm listening to "Night Light Love Songs" on WENS.

We might move to Houston, Texas. If we do, I'll die. I don't want to move. I'd have to leave all my friends, there's no winters and winter is much better than summer. On the bright side, we could get a better house and we would be close to the Gulf of Mexico. Mom said, "Just think, you won't get off for snow days, you'll get off for hurricanes." Great, huh. I DON'T WANT TO MOVE!

I have to go to bed. Good night.

Your self,

January 31, 1987

I'm watching the Karate Kid. It started 2 minutes ago.

I babysat for Katie until almost 6:30. Now I have to babysit my brothers until 12:00.

It seems funny that I'm laying on the couch wearing a t-shirt and shorts, drinking lemonade and it's about 15 degrees outside.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

January 29, 1987

Hi. Tomorrow I get to finish my wagon in Shop before school. Wish me luck.

School is GREAT since I don't have Mr. Gilman anymore. A warm front came in and it's getting almost up to 40 degrees. It will be so warm. It's almost 10:00 PM so I have to go. Bye.

January 28, 1987

Hi. Sorry, I don't feel like writing.

Becky gave that to me in Art today, and I told her I would keep it, and I guess I will, huh. 

January 27, 1987

Hi. It snowed today so we had no mutual.

January 25, 1987

Hi. Today Rochelle came to church with us. I think she liked it. It was fun.

Dad, Walt and I went to Mamaw's house. The Super Bowl was today. The Broncos (yay) and the Giants (boo) were playing. The Broncos were getting creamed and smeared all over the turf. The game is still going on.

I like Tony a lot. I mean a lot--more than usual.

January 24, 1987

Hi. I can't talk long. It's after 10:00. Today Michael and Dad went to a Genesis concert.

Mary and I went shopping. I got a magazine so I can change my door. Now I have pictures of Corey Hart, Ralph Macchio, Michael J Fox, and a bunch more.

Rochelle is coming to church with me tomorrow. I hope she likes it so she will come back.

Justin is sick.

The hight today is 15 degrees and the low is -10. It's about -5 and the windchill is like -26. It's cold.

Oh, did I tell you Monday we had a thunderstorm in the morning and sleet in the afternoon and snow at night. Weird huh. I have to go. Bye.

January 23, 1987

Hi. It's Friday. I'm so tired. Justin is sick. He can't eat any solid foods.

The windchill factor is -32 degrees. It's freezing. Bye.

Monday, August 2, 2010

January 19, 1987

Guess what, we had school today. Even Plainfield was out and they hardly ever have snow days. It's cold--or rather FREEZING!

Today when Jessica was leaving school, Mrs. Carter walked by and said, "Mornin' Jess." And school was over and everyone was leaving.


January 18, 1987

Hi! First I'll tell you about what Tony said. Michael told him that I like him, and Michael said that Tony said he kind of thought that, but I think he still likes me.

Second, me and Michael went to a stake fireside. It was BOARING! We didn't even have food, but it was still pretty fun.

We are supposed to have a snowstorm of 4-6 inches, but it is delayed. HOPE + PRAY THAT WE GET OFF SCHOOL TOMORROW!

Yesterday I was VERY, VERY, VERY upset that I couldn't go to Youth Conference. Today I asked dad if I could go. Oh, I forgot to tell you why I can't go. It's because of a family reunion in Massachuchettes. Everybody will be there, but I still wanted to go to Youth Conference BAD. Dad said I would go to Youth Conference and fly to Massachuttes when conference was over, but it's not definite. I hope it is and I can. Right now!

PRAY FOR NO SCHOOL TOMORROW! I hope it snows all night. See you tomorrow.


January 17, 1987

Sis. Bergstrom had a baby boy.

Yesterday Mary spent the night. We only stayed up until about 2:00 this morning. I just babysat Katie Gary. She's so sweet.

You know we could have a snow storm tomorrow. I hope so.

OK, today was Michael's basketball tournament, so I told him to tell Tony I like him, but I haven't asked Michael if he remembered. I hope so.

I'm finally getting over Ralph Macchio. That's just because I like Corey Hart.

Tomorrow is church so Michael won't forget, if he did today, so I'll tell you what happenes.

Hope for 2 things:
1.) Mike likes me
2.) We get a BAD snowstorm and can't go to school tomorrow


January 16, 1987

I've had this journal for exactly 1/2 a year.

I love Cory Hart.

January 15, 1987

Hi. Today in Science we started dissecting a GIANT grasshopper. I almost got sick. Tomorrow we have to slit its stomach and find things inside of it.

Mindy came over and we watched part of Rocky.


Monday I switch 3 classes:
1.) English
2. ) History
3. )*Science
4.) Study Hall
5.) Choir
6.) Math

I'm having Mary spend the night so I can write longer because she reads her scriptures for 10 minutes.

So wish me luck on my last day of science, Health and Shop.


January 13, 1987

Guess what happened with Tony. He didn't say much because Michael forgot to tell him. Oh, well. He'll find out eventually.

Today was singing tests. I actually got a B+. I was happy. On my Science folder I got an A, and on my science book report, I also got an A. I have to do 50 push-ups and then go to bed. Sorry I couldn't write much. Bye.

January 12, 1987

Hi. Today was a good day. I had a good day at school, and after school the missionaries came for dinner, then I set 4 Personal Progress goals, and I got my health articles cut out and they aren't due for 2 more days.

Michael is going to tell Tony I like him. I hope Tony doesn't ask me to go with him, because I would probably say no and hurt his feelings AGAIN.

There isn't much to say but today was a good day. I'm getting over Ralph Macchio and starting to like real boys.

Oh! Before I forget, guess what! Only 4 more days of Mr. Gilman's class, and next on to gym. I can't wait to have no more Health class to worry about! But, there are also only 4 more days of Shop. Boo! I'm reading The Outsiders again.

I'll let you know what happens with Tony tomorrow. See you later. I have to go before I get in trouble. Bye.

January 11, 1987

Hi, Sorry I haven't written in so long. I told Michael that I like Tony and I told him to tell Tony that I like him. I have to finish reading a book for Science tonight. Bye.