Friday, September 17, 2010

March 7, 1987

Mary spent the night last night and we watched White Nights. We both fell asleep. We did a dance to Wham Rap '86. It was fun.

Great news! You know how I've been bugging my brother Michael forever to have his friend dub Corey Harts Fields of fire? I FINALLY got it taped yesterday!

Last night at about 12:30AM, me and Mary were watching TV and Walt started talking in his sleep. He YELLED, "OH NO! OH NO! OH NO! OH NO! OH NO!" Then he walked into the living room and sat down.
"You better go to bed," I said.
"Why?" He said.
"Because it's 12:30AM," I said.
Then he said, "Oh," and went back to bed.

I have to go to bed. See you tomorrow.

Your tired self,

Stephanie Day

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