Tuesday, August 10, 2010

February 11, 1987

Hi. It's only about 6:42 AM. I have to leave for school in about 20 minutes. I decided I'd write now so that tonight I can finish my journal. I'll write later. Bye.

Hie. I'm back. It's 8:54 PM. School was okay. My first period teacher is so scatterbrained. Her name is Mrs. Carter. She always forgets what she's saying in the middle of a sentence.

My second period teacher Mr. Parker doesn't talk much. He just shows us film strips and we work in workbooks EVERYDAY.

Third period I have Mrs. Hamil. She is sweet. Forth period I have Mr. Riley. He looks exactly like a leprechaun and he always wears green. We call him Mr. O' Riley, but he doesn't know.

Fifth period I have the dreaded Mrs. Ray. She is always getting everyone in trouble. Sixth period I have Mr . Davis. He is nice and smart. We hardly ever talk about Math (I have him for math). Seventh period I have Mrs. Holt. She is really nice. And last but not least, I have Mr. West for art. I hardly know him. He's hardly ever at school.

I've had this journal for about 6 months and 26 days and about 3 hours.

Last goodbye, from this journal at least,

Stephanie Day

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