Monday, June 14, 2010

August 13, 1986

Yesterday was so fun! I got dunked like 13 times. It was fun. I found out that Chris likes me. He is nice. I like him for a friend.

At Eagle Creek me and Ann got board so we made drip castles out of sand, but the boys kept stepping on them. Chris doesn't know that I know he like me.

Hey! Twist and Shout is on. Hold on a minute. Okay, I'm back. I'm taping it. Shake it up baby...ahh...ahh. ahh yeah! Sorry.

Today in Justin's prayer he said "Thank Thee that Stephanie has her hears perished (ears pierced) and her nose perished."

Cousin Abby is spending a few nights here. It will be SO FUN. I might take her to the movies to see The Great Mouse Detective. It will be fun.

Rochelle came over today. We went to the park. They are painting the equipment.

I love Ralph Macchio.

I don't want to admit it, but I think I still like Craig Vincent. He is nice. On the way home from Eagle Creek, I was sitting by Craig. We found a whole bunch of quarters and nickels. When we got near the airport I said to Linda that I felt like going somewhere, give me some money. Craig leaned over and said, "Take the quarters," so we were joking around about that. It was fun.

When me and Belle were on the fitness trail I got a big bug in my eye. When I closed my eye, the bug was still moving. It hurt. Then I saw something fall so I thought it was the bug, but it was my gum. It was funny.

I hope I have a good time with Abby. I hope Dad gets paid on Friday so I can take Abby to the movies and I can get two more Ralph Macchio magazines.

Dad got a promotion. If he gets promoted any higher, we will have to move to Houston. I hope we DON'T have to. Oh well. I have to go, bye.

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