Friday, June 25, 2010

November 19, 1986

Today I fixed my bulliton board so instead of just Ralph there is Becky, Justin, Mary, Ralph, Abby, Paula, Amanda, Debbie, Rochelle, Mindy, Jenny, Walt, Tony S. and another one of Mary, my calander, ribbon and my pin from camp.

Today in science Dwight and Carrie were arguing and Dwight burst out laughing. Mr. Harris asked what was going on and Dwight said, "Carrie said Hitler was the first to launch a rocket, Hitler was from Russia wasn't he?" It was so funny!

I'm tired so I can't write for long.

In Walt's spelling book it says, "Mary built a _____ of a car." You are supposed to put "model" in the blank, but it looks funny.

Have I told you about Mindy's sleepover? It happened in 6th grade. Mindy had a slumber party and invited Wren, Jenny, me and her. Her little sister had about 12 people over. They were younger than us by about two years. Anyway at about midnight, we decided to scare the younger girls. We went out of our room. We were scared to death as it was. Mindy was in front. Wren was holding on to her. Jenny was holding on to her and I was holding on to all of them.

Emma Martin was standing in her sleep. She was wearing a bright white night gown. She was standing over a heat vent and her dress was glowing and waving and it looked like she was floating because you couldn't see her feet. Everyone started to scream. I looked at Emma and fainted!

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