Thursday, June 24, 2010

October 26, 1986

Sorry I haven't written in forever. School is fun but SSTTRREESS is killing me. Mutual is GREAT. We are going to go to the temple Thursday.

In November there is a dance that 12 and 13 year olds are invited too.

At school we are making gym bags. My friend Becky Hill hit a pin with the sewing machine and it bent the pin. She gave it to me as a joke. Here it is.

We had the ward Halloween party Friday night, and the basketball tournament the next morning.

At the Halloween party Mary got a note from Robert Meyers. He asked Mary to go with him. The note was so funny. He obviously doesn't have much experience with girls. In his note it said, "I had two choices you or Stephanie, I chose you...If you say no I will ask Stephanie..."

My favorite people are (in no particular order)

Jane Hackley
Mary Fuller
Sharon Armstrong
Susan Manning
Kate Frond
Ralph Macchio

I have to go--boo! sigh, sniff, that's all folks,

and she looks wild, around the world na na na na city lights, to shining sea, Yankee Rose, talks, walks, walks, ya! sorry I'm listening to Yankee Rose. bye.

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