Monday, June 28, 2010

November 24, 1986

Hi. Today was an OK day. The best parts were: I got a ride to school. I have NO homework, and we went to the library in Health.

The bad parts were: I was so tired, I almost fell asleep in school, I don't feel good, I got yelled at for passing a note. I don't know who it was from or who it was to or anything.

Melinda has a little brother who makes up his own jokes. Here's one:
knock knock
who's there
dog who
I want some Snausages

Ha ha real funny, huh. Snausages are dog treats if you were wondering. I'm bored!

There is a kid in Mom's class who is VERY and ALWAYS serious. His mom is really into religion. She sprinkled the school with holy water because she said the second graders are wicked. Well anyway, this kid came to Mom and said, "I think I want to be a teacher." Then a couple of days later he came to her and said, "No, I think I want to be a fireman or a police man." But he really wanted to be a teacher. Then Friday he came to her and said "I don't want to be a teacher because they have eggs in their salads."

I'm tired, but I don't think I need to go to bed yet, so I'll keep writing.

Our songs in choir are: Still still still, Gloria in Excelcies, Dayo, Be a Champion, and Scat got your tongue.

I like this marker I'm writing with, but it isn't mine, it's Walt's. I can't find mine,

I have to go so I can get to bed. LYLAS, 91 or bust! good night. Bye.

-Stephanie Day

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